Thursday, July 05, 2007

What u know bout dem Chipmunks!

This is the first movie poster and first images of the Chipmunks online. Lemme' tell ya, these guys are gangsta. They actually look a little different in the film but, more or less, here they are. They are alot of fun to work with, im looking forward to seeing it all finished. Back to tha' money...


Sunday, July 01, 2007


Tonight a group of us went to "El Capitan Theater" in Hollywood for opening weekend of Ratatouille. I have been waiting for this film for a long while and it definitely did not disappoint.
The colors, the characters, the story, the animation was ALL beautiful. I felt great when the movie ended, like I had not felt in a long time after seeing an an animated film, or even any film. And the whole El Capitan experience was pretty good too. A bunch of Disney characters showed up on stage before the show and they danced to past and present classic Disney tunes. I hope everyone gets a chance to see it. I'm looking forward to more films like this. Wishful thinking!